PhotoBlog: Bohol

Bohol Backpacker's Gateway: Port of Tubigon

This is part of my Cebu-Bohol Adventure last year. When I traveled I always see something new worth remembering. Thus my experience here in Bohol was set by the Loboc River Cruise. The most unforgettable experience I ever had after Sagada. So join me as I share with you the highlight of my Bohol Adventure =) 

Municipal Hall under construction.

Welcome Tagbilaran Bohol!!! 

Walking Tour in Tagbilaran

Parang nasa Europe lang!

Replica of Chocolate Hills

That's Bohol Capitol

There's a Rizal Park or Monument in every town of the Philippines

Pres. Carlos P. Garcia is from Bohol??? Now I know.

Chill in Alona Beach

After spending our whole afternoon looking for a resort in Panglao we found one here along with Alona Beach Resort. We went to Bohol on a Saturday that was why most of the beaches were fully booked.

Chill lang =)

Sunrise by the Beach

Chocolate Hills

Now my Hekasi is now in front of me =)

The Man-Made Forest and the Encounter with a Tarsier

After we filled our eyes with beautiful scenery in the Chocolate Hills, we had a hard time looking for transportation back to Tagbilaran or to our next destination. And thank God, I have these charming skills (naks) to negotiate with people. What we did was ask one pickup truck driver to take us to Loboc River. And he agreed!!! lol... The thing was he can only accommodate one in front. So the solution was to ride at the back with open-air colliding on my face. lol Not only that the heat of the sun was at its peak that time!!! The good thing about that was we were seeing the rural Bohol 360 degrees =)  

Why I seem scared here? lol

Enchanting Loboc River

This one I really enjoyed. In fact, this is the climax of this adventure. I will never forget this experience. Everything was memorable. You never visited Bohol if you have never experience the Loboc River Cruise. The Php600 fee for the cruise was totally worth it. The atmosphere during the trip was just a happy experience. The sound of the river mix with the sound of the river was just a perfect sound with the perfect scene. Plus the happy sound of the crowd makes it an enjoyable ride. =)  

The long wait at this corridor was worth it.

Your ticket plus a post card.

The good thing about this cruise is they are showcasing the rich heritage of the Filipino culture. From food to music to these people below serenading us along the way. These people just make this cruise memorable special. 

There's a waterfall at the end of the river. 

The Heritage Churches of Loboc and Baclayon

Loboc Church

Baclayon Church

Happy Travel =)

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