5 Things I Wanna Do Before I Die

Let me deviate from my usual naratives of stories and experince along the road. This time I want to share my thought on the things I want and wish to do before I lie six feet under. These are the thought on my mind after watching LonelyPlanet, Globe Trekker, Amazing Race among other adventure filled shows during childhood. With no words added into it, I just want to share and enumerate the things I am craving to do ever since I was introduced to the wolrd of traveling. I won't ellaborate. These are, for some, crazy things I wanna do...

Eat Chesse in France

Land (and sea) travel from Batanes to Sulu

Cruise the Atlantic Alone via Queen Mary 2

Eat ripe grapes in one of the vineyard in Spain

Trans-Siberian Express before I get Married


I plan to do this kind of list every month. So expect more crazy, dream list in this blog.

Travel, in the youngster sort, is part of education; in the elder, a part of experience
- Sir Francis Bacon 
All pictures are taken from Pinterst unless otherwise stated.

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