The Wind, The Beach and The Dark Clouds of El Nido

The wind was blowing like crazy! I could hear the roar of the sky with a pillow covering my ears. There was still no electricity not because of power interruption but due to limited access of the town to urbanization. The wind blow continues. The leaves was scratching while the broken stalks falls on the roof which makes the surrounding music unbearable - no, frightening. 

But I wasn't afraid actually. Though terribly I slept for two uncomfortable hours, I was excited and hopeful that the day would get better. After all there was  no typhoon nor signal warning in the area. It was in Manila the Northwest Monsoon was battering.

'knock knock'

I was hoping that my planned Tour A or even Tour C will pursue. My hopes continued to hang as the guesthouse owner gave me an indefinite word. Rather, he asked me to sip a cup of coffee and bite a pieces of hot Pan de Sal with him and talk about life. He got a call then gave me the million dollar word, the coast guard has suspended all the tour activities at least for the day. And I was a little bit upset, just a little bit. Yes, I left nothing to do in the stormy day in El Nido but I could rest in the morning and hope for the best in the afternoon then stroll around.

 El Nido Municipal Hall

El Nido Tourism Office
But the spirit of drowsiness was not there anymore. I decided to walk around town and visit the tourism office to get some juice for this blog. I walked in the town like a foreigner observing every details of this tiny little town six hours away from urbanization. There was nothing ordinary except for the extraordinary backdrop of the town. The cliff acting like the mighty Goliath of El Nido protecting the little town from the battering of the storm. It was amazing. I never seen such gigantic stones so near the village. Later on I thought that the whistle like blow of the wind was cause by these cliffs surrounding the town. The wind coming from the bay is being blocked by a cliff then bounce it to another one creating that theatrical sound effect. There goes the science.

I walked on the narrow street that leads to the beach. There was no sun at eight. The dark clouds and gusty winds was there to welcomed me. Although there were people enjoying the waters of El Nido Beach, the atmosphere was dull and uninviting. But my feet was itchy and wanted a walk, as if he gets tired, towards the end of the beach. Its actually my usual habit to walk end to end of the beach whenever possible. Not afraid of the dark clouds, I braved the high tide waves and observed and documented every interesting spot by the beach until I reached the cemetery. I had a moment with nature, with the beach. Thinking of nothing but nothing. I stop when I reached the cemetery not because of omen-ish reason nor my feet was tired, I just felt that I had to go back for whatever reason it might be.

 Not so hospitable beach

 Children selling some seashells

On my way back the sky started to cry. She cried like a crazy little girl with a loud roar to make me afraid. But she couldn't make run. I sat on a close bar and till' she stops. Darkness was all over Bacuit bay. But even though the sun was not present, still Bacuit Bay got a zillion worth of view. Nobody can match that. El Nido is a nest of beauty and wonder.  

Why can't you just stop?
 Most establishments in El Nido uses native materials for their interiors

She stopped and allowed me to stroll on the beach again. My moment continued and the jive of my feet was refueled by sun rays' short engagement. The dark cloud dominates again. I decided to go back to the guesthouse to get some rest hoping for the best the next morning.                      

This is part of my Northern Palawan Series 

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