I Almost Died Just to See the Long Beach of San Vicente

I have a story to tell before I continue my Epic Journey in Northern Palawan. A story that almost stopped and made me go home. But my excitement was overflowing, I didn't bother that I have a bleeding wound and continued my journey. I wasn't planning to write about this but it seems that I cannot continue the series without this story.

Photo by Indyayouth

The bus dropped me in Alimangunan  intersection along the main highway of Palawan. I asked the men in the corner looking at me how can I go to San Vicente. They immediately offered a single motorcycle ride for Php300. It would take a good of one to two hours to reach the Poblacion in San Vicente where the so called longest white beach is located. I jumped on the motorcycle when we agreed at Php200. The motorcycle was a bit small and uncomfortable but still we hit the road with the two of us compacted on that small seats. 

Not even a few second of gaining acceleration I notice that there was something wrong with how he drive. I saw a curve road, he turned and in just a matter of two seconds my right knee scratches on the pavement as the motorcycle bend for a less than 10 degree angle before we both hit the floor. 

When I realized I was okay. I immediately checked on the driver if he's okay too. Thank God he was. I went to the nearby store thinking of nothing. I sit for a while and thanked God that I am alive. Thank God it wasn't my head. Thank God I didn't had fracture. Then after a few seconds of prayer I felt the blood running on my right knee down to my leg. There was blood all over my right knee and feet as well as on my gums I realized. I don't know why there's blood on my gums. My knees was shaking. It feels so numb. I asked for a clean water because I wanted to remove the dust on the wound. Then I suddenly realized that I also have scratches on my right arm and hands. 

Still I was determined to proceed because I wanna be amaze. I don't know why I still trust that guy who almost killed me while driving recklessly (or was it just the small motorcycle?). He changed motorcycle into a much bigger one. I jumped on it as if nothing happens.  

Though I don't drive a single motorcycle, the accident  could happen again to me cause' I am a frequent back rider of my friend who has a big bike. I am not afraid to ride a motorcycle again either. I don't blame such wonderful machine of transportation for the fault of men. 

I just realize though that we have to take extra precaution before going into something. Don't let the excitement overpowers you and neglect safety measure. I should have check the motorcycle if its good for a one to two-hours-rough-road  ride for two people. I charge this to experience. Ill be more careful next time.  

This is part of my Northern Palawan Series 

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