Backpacking 101: Palaui Budget and Itinerary

Palaui Island is the most magnanimous natural wonder I have seen. The island is so pristine that everything on is the opposite of the Metro which I live in. Fresh air, simple life, genuine people with simple aspirations and most of all uncontested beauty of its kind were the things that I loved and miss when I hear the word Palaui. We did a 3 days sojourn in this Paradise and here’s what I have to say if you are planning your trip here soon.      

Majestic view from Cape Engano

Things to do in Palaui

From beach bumming to sightseeing Palaui offers a worth-long-travel-vacation for family and barkada.

Island Hopping - Siwanag Cove and Crocodile Island
Trekking - Cape Engano Lighthouse, Falls (Near Cape Engano) and Baratubut Falls (near Punta Verde)  
Beach Bumming - Punta Verde and Anguib Beach

  • Boat can be rented/chartered through the tourism office in Sta. Ana for Php3800 for whole day tour. Plus Php300 for overnight. If you arrive in Palaui in the evening and will do island hopping the next morning, you will have to add another Php300
  • Guide rate for Cape Engago Trekking is Php300. Ratio is 1 guide to 4 tourists. You need two guides when you exceed 4. This is non-negotiable with the tourism office. I found the policy logical while we were doing the tour.
  • There is an option not to trek going to Cape Engano. Just tell the boatman that you will proceed there. With that you don’t have to hire a tour guide.
  • There is a falls near Punta Verde and the rate of tour guide is Php300 per 4 tourists.
  • Sta. Ana Tourism Office Contact: +63 905-4978379 +63 999 7587079    
Punta Verde Community

How to get there

There are two ways in which you can reach Palaui Island.

One is by plane via Tuegegarao then another 3 hours van to Sta. Ana Palaui.  Philippine Airlines and Ceby Pacific flies to Tuguegarao every day.  From Tuguegarao take a public van to Sta. Ana Port. Travel time is 3 hours. Fare is Php200.

For budget traveler who wasn’t able to catch the piso fare going to Tuguegarao, a 10-13 hours bus ride awaits. Victory Liner in Sampaloc and Kamias offers comfortable bus ride to Tuguegarao. Dalin Bus in Sampaloc Manila also has a Manila – Tuguegarao route. Fare is around Php600 depending on the type of bus you get.

From Tuguegarao take a public van to Sta. Ana Port. Travel time is 3 hours. Fare is Php200.

Contact Numbers

Victory Liner Sampaloc – 632 -559-7735
Victory Liner Kamias – 632 -920-7396
Dalin Bus Lines Sampaloc – 632 -722-7999

 Where to stay

Most visitors stay at Punta Verde in Palaui Island where the locals of the island are situated too. They offer tent accommodation and cottage accommodation for Php250.00. Tent is included. You still have to pay Php250 if you bring your own tent.

As per the accommodation that we get, I contacted a local for a home stay experience. For Php200 per night per head we have a house with two bedrooms, living room, dining area, garden and two comfort rooms.

You may contact ate Elsa for the homestay +63 9052832559


The local community in Punta Verde prepares a meal for its visitors. You can order for Php250 – Php350 per meal.  

Sample Budget for 5 People

Bus Manila to Tuguegarao – Php600
Lunch (Pansit Batil Pato) – Php310 (Php62 each)
Van Tuguegarao to Sta. Ana Port – Php220
Chartered Boat for Tour – Php4,100 (Php820 each)
Guide – Php600 (Php120 each)
Environmental Fee – Php50
Accommodation – Php500
Dinner – Php100
Breakfast – Php100
Lunch – Php100
Dinner – Php100
Breakfast – Php100
Guide to Baratubut Falls (near Punta Verde) – Php300 (Php60each)
Tricycle to Sta. Ana Transport Terminal – Php10
Van to Tuguegarao – Php250
Lunch – Php100
Bus to Manila – Php600
Total – Php4,140   


Day 0

9:00PM – Departure Manila to Tuguegarao

Day 1

11:00AM – Lunch Pansit Batil Pato
12:00NN – Departure Tuguegarao to Sta. Ana via Van
4:00PM – Arrival in Sta. Ana Tourism Office
4:30PM – Departure for Palaui
5:00PM – Arrival Palaui Island (homestay)
6:00PM – Dinner
7:00PM – Socials

Pansit Batil Pato

Day 2

6:00AM – Breakfast
6:30AM – Start trek to Cape Engano
11:30AM – Arrived at Cape Engano
1:00PM – Lunch at Cape Engano
2:00PM – Start trek to the Water Falls in Cape Engano
2:30PM – Reached the Water Falls
4:00PM – Departure from Cape Engano to Anguib Beach
5:40PM – Arrival at Anguib Beach
7:30PM – Back to Palaui Island
8:30PM – Arrival at Palaui Island
8:40PM – Dinner
9:30PM – Socials

Day 3

5:30AM – Breakfast
6:00AM – Start trek to the Baratubut Falls (Waterfalls in Punta Verde)
7:00AM – Reached the Baratubut Falls
9:00AM – Arrived at Homestay
9:30AM – Departure for Crocodile Island then Sta. Ana Port (Goodbye Palaui)
9:50AM – Arrived at Crocodile Island
9:20AM – Departure for Sta. Ana Port
10:30AM – Arrival in Sta. Ana Port
12:00NN – Departure for Tuguegarao via Van
3:00PM – Arrival in Tuguegarao/Lunch
4:00PM – Departure for Manila

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