CAPTIVATING CAPIZ: A Paradise Hidden Inside Camp Peralta – Malinamon Falls

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A 33 hectares of sprawling forest, with endemic species and a community of indigenous people situated in Jamildan, Capiz – an hour or so town from Roxas City, is now open for us to explore and experience. The place is actually a military camp of the 3rd Infantry Battalion Forces of the Philippine Army. Of the 33 hectares less than 10 percent is utilized by the army while the remaining is either occupied by the Indigenous Peolple of Panay or idle land where hidden waterfalls are situated.

Our agenda was of course the latter – waterfalls.

Camp Peralta

The Spearhead Troopers (nick name of the soldiers stationed in the camp) opened the camp to civilians, locals and tourist, so that its natural and later on man-made attraction can be shared and enjoyed.

Right now people can go inside the camp and trek to the waterfalls with the guidance of our mighty soldiers. At the moment trekking to the waterfalls is the main attraction but you can also do biking and firing. They also have soccer fields and golf (driving) range for those who are in these kind sports. In the near future, they are planning to put zip line, orchidarium, cottages and a restaurant.

Sounds like Camp Peralta will be a one stop place for families, gathering of friends like batch reunion and even educational field trip for students in the Island of Panay. They even plan to conduct IP Cultural Presentation apart from the static display that they already doing for the guest.

After the 15 – 20 minutes orientation we proceed to the field where soldiers were in their combat gears and their artilleries were lined up as well. That was the static display I guess. A minute or two of meet and greet, the soldiers started their display. Watch the video below:

(Video soon)

Some of the equipment of the Philippine Army

High powered radio

Malinamon Falls

It now time for the 30 minutes trek to Malinamon Falls!

There are seven known waterfalls inside Camp Peralta. Prepare a good of 5 days of trek if you want to see all the seven waterfalls. Malinamon Falls is the easiest waterfalls to reach.

Our service up to the jump off

Yes we have a convoy that consist of an ambulance

The trek was striking and punishing. Made by the rare sights of natural wonders for us, metro people and only because my sandals was loosening thus frequent sliding was a common occurrence during the trek. The rain the night before contributed to my misfortune I guess – though the trip itself was not a misfortune, it’s just me. As a tip make sure you have a good footwear for the trekking.

The trail is an easy one as per mountaineering leveling is concern. Malinanon falls is not actually in a mountain thus hiking shouldn’t bother you though a little preparation like stretching is advisable.

Malinamon Falls is a two-tier cascading waterfalls. One of our soldier-guide mentioned upon reaching falls that it is their version of Niagara Falls much like Tinuy-an Falls in Surigao. I rather not call it the ________ falls of Capiz but rather call it Malinamon Falls in Capiz. I didn’t tried to correct the soldier because he has M-16 riffle strapped on his shoulders.

After minutes of observing the uniqueness of this waterfalls and some obligatory selfies and “blog-worthy” or “Instagram-worthy” shots, we dip ourselves in the surprisingly not so cold water of the falls. There are a lot of areas in the waterfalls where in you can dip with your preferred deepness and pressure of the flowing water. There are areas where you can lay and allow the flowing water to massage your back. There’s a big tub where in the water are still and is good for just relaxing your body.

But the real fun is climbing on the first tier. Climbing up is literally finding your rock. Upon reaching it, the challenge is walking in the deep areas and in the shallow areas which has slippery rocks. A question like “how do we go down?” popped as we punish ourselves on the rocks. “Let’s figure it out later” was the courageous answer of us who thinks that what we were doing can save Africa from its ballooning debt.

Of course the reward was the fulfillment that - we did it! The photograph is just secondary, really. Our photographs do not state how we risked our lives climbing in the moss colonized rocks. But that was ok, our purpose was a humble one, now we felt like we just paid the debt of Greece as well.

Kidding aside, Malinamon Falls is both stunning and challenging. The cascading waters will fascinate every human being. It will make you stop and contemplate in nature for a while. Getting up the first tier was even surprising because there you will see the source of the growling waters still and peaceful. It made me think that no matter how still and peaceful, there will be time that you will growl like a tiger looking for its prey. No matter how plateau is our life, one day you will growl. This was a sign of my sleeping career as after my trip in Capiz, I started my new job in a new company!

For more information about Capiz sights and attraction you may contact:

Capiz Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office
2nd Floor, Provincial Capitol, Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines
Tel: +63(36) 621-0042 loc. 133

If you don’t have time to do research for your seafood indulgence in Capiz you may ask Las Islas Travel and Tours to arrange tours for you!

Las Islas Travel and Tours
Contact Numbers: +63 995-335 7310; +63 999-430 0133
Email Address:

This tour was sponsored by the Capiz Provincial Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office of the office of the governor. Camp Peralta was part of the Familiarization Tour conducted by the said office on September 27 – 30, 2015. The Familiarization tour was done as part of Capiz Tourism Month.

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