Aquaria Water Park: A Family Friendly Getaway in Calatagan Batangas

The last day of the week and my longing to see the countryside and the beach were at its peak. I packed my bag with minimal clothes for a day tour in Calatagan Batangas. We passed by the south super highway then the scenic view of Silang Cavite, Tagaytay all the way to Nasugbu then reaching Calatagan, Batangas. I slept halfway from SLEX to Tagaytay and from then on I cannot close my eyes with the view of the province. I was glued on the window looking at the vast horizons of sugarcane, rice, corn among other crops planted in Batangas.

After three hours of scenic travel we reached Aquaria Water Park with high spirits and an expectation of a life changing beach bumming experience – and so we did.

We were welcomed by a gang of generous staff of the resort with complimentary bottled water and wet towel to refresh from long travel. All guests will have to pass the lobby which is very elegant in style and function. They used wood materials in almost all of the area of the grand lobby and for that the hospitality of our ancestral homes is present given the fact that the staff are well oriented on how they should treat the guest.

Aquaria Water Park is a world class resort in Calatagan Batangas. They have well maintained facilities for its guest from the pool to the beach and up to the shower area.

Kiddie Pool

Cove Pool

Shower Rooms

The resort has four inter-connected pool. Each pool caters to each family members that looks for safety, fun, adventure and chillax pool afternoon. I almost wanted to dip and play in the Kiddie Pool the moment I saw the colorful characters with splashing waters on it. For our lolo's and lola's the Resort Pool would be nice for a dip while the Sunken Pool Bar is a reward for Mom an Dad after a week of hard work in the office. Ate and Kuya's will surely enjoy the Cove Pool with the Giant Slide! Aside from the pool designed for each family member everybody in the family can surely enjoy the afternoon under the Sunbrellas scattered in the resort.

Rinse after the beach!

Cabanas in Aquaria Water Park. Beach Cabana and Pool Cabana.

You never went to Catalagan Batangas just for the pool. You have to dip in the salt water and play on the beach! Aside from the healing powers of the sea, be one with nature when you let your self into the calm water of Calatagan Batangas. My first agenda was to play with the fine sand on my feet then soak my body in the water. I let the salt go over my body so that it will absorb all the negativities of the world in my body.

Aquaria Waterpark offers beach activities such as beach volleyball, banana boat, kayaking, jets ski, massage, henna tattoo and even a foot ball field! I tried almost all of them. Hehehe...

Photo by Aquaria

Baybayin Tattoo: Bi-Ya-Ya

I never tried jets ski before but I am willing to risk my integrity in front of my new friends just for the sake of adventure. At first I thought its just like operating an ATV but hell no its not! It was a heart pounding experience when you go 35 miles per hour in the middle of the sea then big wave will eat you! You want release the clutch, but doing so will make you fly out of your jets ski. I love the experience and I will do it again.

Mesmerized yourself with the stunning view of the horizon. Looking afar numbers of islands and ships passing by. I sat on the sand and waited for the sunset. On the beach of Aquaria Water Park is where we can watch the perfect goodbye of the sun. The sky will turn orange then blue then darkness dominated by stars. All that in Aquaria Water Park in Calatagan Batangas.

Summer in the Philippines is all year round. Thus beach getaway is an absolute longing for our soul given the fact that the sands and the waters are just hours or two away from our home. So give yourself and family a break and head down to Aquaria Water Park in Calatagan, Batangas.

General Information: 
  • The Resort is open everyday (except Tuesday) from 8am to 6pm
  • There are no accommodation yet but camping on the beach is allowed.
  • No Swimming on the pool and beach after 6pm
  • Alcoholic beverages are allowed and is subject to corkage fees.
  • Locker rooms are available. Rent is Php150 per day.
  • Entrance Fee: Adult - Php400 Children below 4 feet - Php200
  • Cabana Good for 10 - Php1000; Good for 15 - Php1500; Beach Cabana - Php1200
Aquaria Water Park is managed by Fuego Hotels & Properties Management Corporation. For more details, inquires and reservations you may email at or you may call them at (02) 553-8888. For updates, you may follow Aquaria Water Park on Facebook (, Instagram: @aquariawaterpark and Twitter: aquariaph. You may also visit

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