The Heart of the Filipino Shining Through

My very first airplane ride was with Philippine Airline when I went to Cebu and Bohol in 2011 – yeah that was five years ago and I was not writing my travels yet back then. I only started writing in 2012. Although now I am not a frequent passenger of the Asia’s first airline – Philippine Airline – and I admit that, I always wanted to travel with PAL.  My limited budget would always lead me to budget airlines. Whenever I book for a ticket during promo season or not, I would always have another tab on my screen to compare the price of PAL and the budget airlines. There might be a PAL promo ;)

It’s always a proud moment whenever you are riding the Philippines’ flag carrier within or outside of the country. Isn’t nice to wear the flag? If only PAL could compete the prices of the low cost carrier, I would always book for PAL. But I guess it will not because PAL is not a budget carrier. And that is okay because it’s the Philippines Airline, yes without 's'. You would not want your flag to be cheap ;) It’s better that way.

I like what PAL Chairman Dr. Lucio Tan shared that  “As the national carrier flying the flag of the Republic, PAL occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of Filipinos around the world. But beyond its iconic status, PAL is one of the true pillars of the Philippine economy,”

Just last year I went to Capiz for a familiarization tour. Gladly they booked me on PAL for my return to Manila. You would always see the difference of riding the flag carrier and the budget carrier.    

Last month Philippine Airlines celebrated its 75th Anniversary with a bang! Philippine Airlines is making a bold statement in this year and beyond. The 3 world-class couches of the TV reality show The Voice of the Philippines vouched for the world class Airline. Sarah Geronimo, Bamboo and Lea Salonga sang the theme song of PAL’s 75th Anniversary entitled The Heart of the Filipino.

Let us listen to the Heart of the Filipinos as Coach Sarah, Coach Bamboo and Coach Lea brings us to our favorite destination here in the Philippines and abroad.

On March 19, 2016, days after the official launch of the new Philippine Airlines, (travel) blogger were invited at Revel Bar in Uptown Taguig to get to see and listen what is in store for us travelers as PAL re-launched itself to much bolder and aggressive airline. And your truly, ehem was also invited in the said event.

At first I was reluctant to attend because I have work to do and plus the hassle of going to the venue well at least for non-drivers like me. Of course, taxi is so luxurious. But nonetheless I was persuaded to go because some of my travel blogger friend are going too. And I did not regret my decision. 

During the event we heard straight from the executives of Philippine Airline their commitment to bring the best of the Filipinos to its customers - the friendliness the people and the waterproof spirit, the beauty of the islands, the splendor of our sunsets, delicious cuisines, the rich history and culture and the genuine smile of the people.

As for me PAL will bring the Filipinos to the world while they bring the world to us. When you fly with PAL you will fly with excellence and class. That is what we are all about, Filipinos, world class is every aspect - that is why you choose the three coaches to tell the world that, hey the Heart of the Filipinos Shining Through...

The biggest surprise of the night was unwrapped after we watched several TVC of PAL to be shown all over the world. We were all having fun watching videos and we were all tensed who is going take the next Round-Trip Philippine Airlines ticket for two when Robi Domingo and Lits Cuevas announced that Bamboo is in the house to sing the Remix version of The Heart of the Filipinos.

Everybody was on its feet when the Rock Maestro came down from the stairs of Revel Bar. The next thing happened, Bamboo had the whole night and we were just all singing his songs.

I would always dream to travel. It is a dream that will never expire. I will always dream to travel with Philippine Airline. Though not very affordable for budget traveler like me, there will always be times to ride the Philippines' flag carrier and that is the Philippine Airline.  

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