SocialClimber: Buntot Palos Falls

Buntot Palos is a hidden fall found in Pangil, Laguna. No wonder it's also called Hidden Falls. Buntot Palos is found in the Sierra Madre Mountain ranges in the part of Laguna and Rizal. I asked our guide why the falls is called Buntot Palos and according to him, there are many Palos (a kind of fish) found in the area. According to our guide, kuya Sonny, there are still Palos in the area but you can see them during the night only. 

Buntot Palos can be reached after one and half hour to two hours trek. The journey will start at Nessy's resort or the Greenhouse where you will also take a shower when you get back. The trek can be muddy depending on the weather. As for our group, it rained the night before thus the trail was muddy. 

The trail to Buntot Palos Falls is shared by executioners and the locals with their horses and carabaos. Expect a pony or a horse passing by the trail. In my observation, the steps of the carabaos and horses in the narrow trail make it uneven. So when it gets wet that is the cause(d) by the rain the trail could be so challenging because of the mud. I was wearing my Sandugo sandals and I was drenched in the mud like everyone else. It was an exciting thing that all of you are drenched in the mud. It's like you are sharing one common trait. Wahaha...

The Falls
After the two hours trek, we finally reached the 80 meters fall. It's always a refreshing view when you see the water coming down from a big rock down to a basin where you can all bathe. We were lucky because we were the first group to reach the fall and for a time we owned the whole place like we bought it with our pain during the trek.

I cant take a rest. After getting some shots of the falls, I quickly fix my things and rush to the falls itself to bathe. The rocks are slippery but I did not mind. Our goal was to reach the bottom part of the falls.

We spend eternity in the bottom of the falls where waters are flowing like crazy. The strong current flows to our body massaging it easing the pain of the trek. It was complete heaven in a paradise called Buntot Palos Falls.

Itinerary and Budget
4:00AM Van to Tanay
6:00AM ETA Tanay
6:10AM ETD Tanay to Siniloan
7:10AM ETA Siniloan
7:20AM ETD Siniloan to Pangil/Jump Off to the falls
7:50AM ETA Jump-Off/Breakfast
8:20AM Start Trek
10:30AM ETA Buntot Palos Falls(Swim, Play, lunch and chill)
1:00PM ETD Buntot Palos Falls
3:00PM ETA Nessy's Resort (aka Greenhouse)/Wash up
5:00PM ETD Famy*
5:30PM ETA Famy/ Van to Ortigas
7:30PM ETA Ortigas

*We initially planned to take the Sinoloan-Tanay-Shaw route going back to Manila but we were advised that it's better to take Famy instead because there are no longer jeepneys in Sinoloan to Tanay at around 5PM. Good thing though we are just two rides away from Manila.

Shaw to Tanay (Van) Php70
Tanay to Siniloan (Jeep) Php45
Siniloan to Pangil (tricycle) Php20
Red fee Php25
Guide Php300/ Php70 each
Tip Php200 / Php20 each
Shower fee Php25
Pangil to Famy  (Tricycle) Php30
Famy to Ortigas (Van) Php120
Other Expenses
Breakfast Php35
Rambutan Php50
Total Php510
(We are nine in the group)

Goto Batangas in Laguna

Guide - Joy 09472835415
Green House - Irish - 09466395538

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