Where to Stay in Manila: Amelie Hotel

Just this month, my friends and I decided to have a staycation in Amelie Hotel in Manila. The needed weekend break and small chit chat was granted with a blast. Aside from deeper than usual topics, we celebrated the youthfulness of my good friend Paula O of ponderingpaodaolei.net and my life advisor Rem of peregrinationswithin.wordpress.com. We had a simple birthday cake for them plus our forever presence as a friend. Amelie Hotel is witness to our friendship and love.

Rem and Pau with their Cakes

Amelie Hotel is a bohemian hotel in the heart of Manila. I like the minimalist interior yet very classy and regal ambiance of the hotel. Each wall and pieces depicts the glory of how Manila was before and after the war. The lobby is elegant enough to accommodate guests from different parts of the world. Amelie Hotel is Manila’s statement of the Filipino hospitality and enthusiasm to receive our visitors.   

How I like the room of Amelie Hotel! The rooms are simple yet very functional. It has everything you need for a relaxing staycation. The bed itself is comfy white with a huggable big pillows for your good night sleep. It really made my Saturday afternoon a superb experience. I was able to sleep under my quilt snoring to death! 

What standout most after the numerous selfies and groupies is the good lighting of the whole hotel especially the rooms. Aside from the lamp shade the whole effect of the room is very selfie friendly. I’m pretty sure we millennials will do a lot picture taking inside the rooms.

Me and my friend Mai

As I have said Amelie Hotel has all the basic amenities of a hotel from the complementary coffee and tea to bathroom amenities like blower, shampoos, soap and toothbrush. 

Like the lobby each room has a minimalist decoration enough for you to appreciate the simplicity of the room. The rooms has paintings about the glory of the city of Manila. 

When you feel like going out and needing some air, Amelie Hotel has a rooftop common area where you can chill and talk to your friends. They also have a rooftop swimming pool overlooking the city Manila all the way to the Manila Bay. Mai and I had a quick dip and we had the whole pool with us.  

If you’re staying too much idle in your room you can workout in the hotel’s gym. It has a treadmill and other basic gym equipment needed to have a full workout.  We need to care for that muscles and growing tummy even in staycations. 

The food is part of the staycation experience. No doubt about that. You cannot just stay in your room all day, staycation is a celebration of life! And when we celebrate, it is synonymous to eating. You can dine at Braska Restaurant located at the lobby of Amelie hotel if you are feel like celebrating with food and liquors as well. 

Braska Restaurant is where you will have your complimentary buffet breakfast at Amelie Hotel. Choose between American or Filipino breakfast aside from the buffet fruits, salad, cereals, breads and soup. I choose a not so heavy American Breakfast because I want to enjoy the cold buffet counter. The salad was superb as well as the pancakes.   

Overall our stay in Amelie Hotel was memorable to think that one of us will be staying for good in other country to be with her forever. Amelie Hotel is a hotel not just for tourist but also for friends who just want to celebrate life and friendship.  

Amelie Hotel
1667 Bocobo St.
Malate, Manila 1004 PH
Main +63 (2) 875 7888
Fax +63 (2) 995 3972

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