WATCH: The Philippine National Museum with Supremo4K WiFi Action Camera

The National Museum of the Philippines in the City of Manila is a smart option for families to enjoy the weekend. Instead of going to the mall, mom and dad can bring their kids at the National Museum of the Philippines and teach their children the love of our identity, culture, heritage and history. Here's a quick preview of the national museum taken using the new Supremo4K Wifi Action Camera. 

The National Museum of the Philippines (Main) is located at P. Burgos, Rizal Park Manila. It is open from 10:00AM to 5:00PM, Tuesdays to Sundays. THERE IS NO ENTRANCE FEE*

Currently, the National Museum of the Philippines has three sections in manila namely the National Art Gallery, Museum of the Filipino People and the National Planetarium. Soon they will open the Museum of Natural History. The National Museum of the Philippines also has branches all over the archipelago. To know more about this, please click here.   

The sneak peek of the National Museum of the Philippines was taken using Supremo4K WiFi Action Camera. With Supremo4K high-definition camera, I was able to capture the beauty of our culture displayed in the National Museum. 

I am excited to use my Supremo4K in all my adventure may it be on the beach, mountain or just walking around the city. Watch out for more videos using the Supremo4K!

* No entrance fee for National Art Gallery and Museum of the Filipino People. No entrance fee for Planetarium until May 31, 2017.

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