QC Medical Tourism Stakeholders Summit, a Success!

Quezon City Mayor Herbert M. Bautista leads signing of “Vision 2020 Commitment”
QC Medical Tourism Stakeholders Summit, a Success!

The Quezon City Tourism Department held the “QC Medical Tourism Stakeholders Summit” last June 6 at the newly-opened Quezon Ballroom of Seda Hotel Vertis North, Quezon City.  The Summit was officially opened by no less than Quezon City Mayor Herbert M. Bautista. Various officials, such as Quezon City Representatives, Councilors, and Department Heads were also present at the event.

It was a success as the Summit gathered a high attendance among Quezon City’s tourism stakeholders. Aside from representatives from the private and public hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ association, also in attendance were members of various travel agencies, hotels, spas, gyms, and wellness centers.

“I am delighted to speak in front of all of you as this event is a realization of our vision to make Quezon City a ‘Wellness Capital of Asia.’  I have instructed the Tourism Department to host this event to gather inputs from stakeholders and to come up with an effective plan to raise the profile of Quezon City in the world medical tourism stage,” the Mayor said in his speech.

Medical Tourism is a growing trend of travelling across international borders to obtain health care.  It does only affect the medical field but more importantly, the travel and tourism industry.

“On a global scale, I have learned that Medical Tourism is one of the so-called sunrise industries.  A report forecasts the World Medical Tourism market to be at US$143 Billion by 2020.  Growth is phenomenal and the Philippines is poised to benefit because of our hospitality, skilled doctors, and ready facilities. QC wants to be part of it and I want all you here this morning to be also part of this success story,” the Mayor added.

Though other countries may claim to have far more superior facilities or equipment, the Philippines is not far behind as our hospitals are also equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Add to that, the world renowned Filipino hospitality shines best in the Medical Tourism field. 

“But Medical Tourism is not only about hospitals or clinics. It is about People. I believe Filipinos are the best in terms of providing that personal and effective health care.  Medical Tourism is also providing the best experience for the patient and his or her family,” he said. For him, Medical Tourism serves as a catalyst to bring in more tourists to Quezon City.

As a proof of the city’s commitment to pursue its vision to become a Medical and Wellness Tourism destination, Mayor Bautista led in the signing of a “Vision 2020 Commitment” detailing steps and action plans to make the dream a reality.  

Add to that, to learn from the best practices abroad, the Summit featured Abrianna Kim, the Executive Director of Medical Tourism Association Korea as Keynote Speaker.  She spoke about the importance of collaboration between government and the private sector as a first step to an effective medical tourism program.  To put the local perspective, Cynthia Lazo from the Department of Tourism, Josephine Aguilar from St. Luke’s and Rick and Eva Trinidad from Philippine Medical Tourism, Inc. shared their time and expertise for the benefit of the Summit attendees.

With the success of the Summit, it is a proof that Quezon City is now “Ready for the World” and its stakeholders are supporting the vision of Mayor Bautista.

For more updates, visit http://www.qcmedtourism.net./

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