Ferra Hotel – Your Home in Boracay

The most famous island in the Philippines, no doubt, that is Boracay. Long powder-fine white sand beaches, party hopping, world-class hotels, the hospitable smile of the people, and the crystal-clear water of the island made up the soul of Boracay Island.

Five years ago, I set foot on the Island for work. I spend almost a week on the island, but I had limited time to enjoy the world-class beaches because I have been visiting clients on the island. Thus, in this visit, I was so excited to explore Boracay Island.

My friend recommended Ferra Hotel Boracay which is not on the beachfront but strategically located in Station two which is near to everything – banks, restaurants, fast food chains, convenience stores, even pharmacies, and money remittance services! 

We arrived on the Island a little late. We grab an e-tricycle from the port to drop us off in Ferra Hotel. The travel time from the port to the hotel was about 10 to 15 minutes depending on the traffic. Thank God, we arrive late, the haste and the crazy traffic were over. 

The e-tricycle drop us off right in front of the hotel and Francel, my contact warmly welcomed us in Ferra Hotel Boracay. When we entered the hotel lobby, I immediately drop my bag and seated on the very inviting couch of the lobby. The staff was so sensitive to our mood, they immediately gave us a refreshing lemonade in full smile. Amazing!

Modern Lobby 
The hotel lobby has modern interiors. It is designed in such a way every guest from all walks of life will rave about it in their Instagram account. The high ceiling compliments the breeze of the beach more so the color of the couch which illuminates the color of the beach and the sea. The lobby is made more elegant by the glass bubbles with vines hanging in the ceiling that created the chandelier

I have spotted some folks happily seating in the lobby browsing books or just checking their social media profile through the hotel’s complimentary internet services. 

Before we check our room, we had dinner at The Ruf with Francel. The food was so good. I will write about it later.

Simple but Elegant Rooms
Ferra Hotel Boracay is a 3-story facility with 37 rooms, a restaurant which is called The Roof, a dining area, a lap pool, and a stylish lobby. Ferra Hotel Boracay basically has everything that you need for a beach vacation. 

Our room is on the second floor of the hotel. The room we 
booked has two beds, a large Cable TV which we almost did not use (of course), a bathroom, mini fridge, and the complimentary items such as coffee, tea, bottled water and toiletries. They also prepare chips, soft drinks, and beers in the fridge for a fee. 

Our room has a decent amount of space to fit 4 people. According to Francel, each room is good for two but guest may add up to two-person for a certain amount.

Whenever I enter a room in a hotel, I would always check the bathroom first among other things. Some would gear towards the bed, to see how soft and comfy it is. But for me, I choose to check out the bathroom first. And I would say Ferra Hotel Boracay has a standard bathroom with a rain shower, a lavatory sink, and a bidet beside the toilet bowl. But most importantly it is clean and doesn’t have that foul odor - it has a nice fresh odor to emphasize. One more thing I notice the bathroom is intellectually designed to save and use space. 


As a standard for all hotels, the beddings have white linen which I like. The bed is comfortable enough to spare me a good sleep after an all-day beachineerng. The comforter can really warm you even if you turn the air conditioning down to 16 degrees – that could really give you a good night's sleep

I cannot sleep without my playlist on. Knowing that there is a Bluetooth speaker beside me, I was ecstatic that I can play my modern lullaby.     

Buffet Breakfast!
Our stay in Ferra Hotel Boracay includes a buffet breakfast. All rooms accommodation includes buffet breakfast for two. Ferra offers enough food to have a decent breakfast. They have rice, pansit, sausage, vegetable, pancakes, coffee, tea, omelet, and several spreads for your toasted bread. 

The restaurant where you will have your buffet breakfast is just beside the lap pool. Yes, you can have a quick dip after your breakfast and before you head to the beach!  

For some reason, the hotel plays a major part in our vacation. The warm hospitality of the hotel staff makes us home away from our home. That’s what we experience in Ferra Hotel Boracay – Home.

Although I like my stay in Ferra Hotel Boracay, I had some minor issues with the room service and punctuality which I already addressed to the management before we checked out. I am so glad that they really took it seriously. They apologize when I told them. I am sure they will act on it.

Despite what I mentioned above, our overall experience in Ferra Hotel Boracay was decent and comfortable. They were all nice and hospitable. For sure, I will stay in Ferra Hotel Boracay again. 

Either with family, friends, your spouse or even if you are a solo traveler, Ferra Hotel Boracay offers a variety of accommodation types that will suit you! Choose from Standard room, Superior Room, Deluxe Room, or the very millennial Loft type with one or two beds – all will give you an exceptional Boracay experience.

You can also book your Boracay activities such as Parasailing, Jetski, paragliding, helmet diving, and many more through Ferra Hotel’s partners. Be sure of the safety and professionally executed services through their partners.

Room prices start from Php4,200.00 during low season, Php5,200.00 during high season and Php6,200.00 during peak season. It includes breakfast for two, complimentary internet access, and a welcome drink.

Ferra Hotel Boracay
Sitio Bolabong, Balabag, Malay, Aklan
(036) 288-1177, +63-925-57933-323

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