Bacolod | Where and What to Eat

Bacolod is haven to those who love to eat - especially sweets. The chicken inasal that we occasionally crave here in Manila is originally from Bacolod or atleast in this region. Sweets dominates the food spotting in Bacolod. Everywhere you go there are sweets readily available to satisfy your cravings!

Here are the quick favorites in Bacolod City

1. Chicken Inasal in Manokan Country
I am sure you've tasted inasal where ever you are in the Philippines. The grilled chicken marinated in many local spices was born in the Visayas Region. You can dine all day in manukan country in front of SM City Bacolod and taste this delicacy which is also a Filipino favorite.

Chicken inasal is best paired with garlic rice and ice cold -soft drink of your choice. If you want to add feast in your plate, you can buy oyster and dip it in Sinamak, the Bacolod specialty spicy vinegar sauce. 

Manokan Country is located in front of SM City Bacolod and is walking distance from San Sebastian Cathedral and Bacolod Public Plaza.

Payment: Cash
Location: In front of SM Bacolod

2. Sweets at Felicia's Cafe
Felicia's Cafe was the first sweet treat we had in Bacolod. By geographical instinct, I know that I will indulge in a lot of sweet activities and meals in Bacolod. What I did not know is that Bacolod is home to some of the best cafes and pastry shops in the Philippines and one of the household name in Bacolod is the Felicia's Pastry Shop.

We visited the Felicia's branch inside SM City Bacolod. It is a coffee shop that also serves salad and sandwiches. But of course we were there for sweets and coffees. Upon my friend's recommendation we ordered Chocolate Cake and my choice, Blueberry Cheesecake.       

I like the blueberry cheesecake more than the chocolate cake. Both are good but the chocolate cake did not set my expectation of thickness and smoothness.

Payment: Cash/Credit Card
Location: 6th St. Doll Building Bacolod City/ Inside SM City Bacolod
Contact:(034) 433-6586 or (034) 709 1123

3. Special Sansrival of Ann Co
Ann Co Cakes was a last minute deal. My friend wanted us to try Ann Co Cakes sanrival before we fly back to Manila.

With its very posh interior, I though I was in a coffee shop in Maginhawa or Fairview. In terms of food, coffee shops here in Manila are no match to Bacolod's. 

Anyway, sanrival of Ann Co Cakes is lavishly good. It taste like mocha cake with a twist. My sweet tooth made me finish a whole of it.

Ann Co Cakes is originaly from Silay City and has branches Bacolod City.

Payment: Cash/Credit Card (?)
Location: Margarita Bldg., Rizal Street, Silay City / Paseo Verde Mandalagan Bacolod City / BOC Bldg, Lacson St Bacolod City.
Contact: (034) 441 7196

4. Guapple Pie of El Ideal in Silay
According to its Facebook page "El Ideal was established in the circa 1920's by the late Cesar Lacson-Locsin and it is the home of the famous Guapple Pie"

Housed in a century old house, I am very sure you would love to dine or at least buy something in El Ideal. The most famous of course is their Guapple pie. The crunchy layer is just a little surprise when the mouthful of guapple burst into your mouth. I just didn't like it, I loved it!

El Ideal also serves batchoy among other meals such as palabok, pansit and many more.

Payment: Cash
Location: 118 Rizal Street, Silay City
Contact: (034) 495 4430

5. White Cheese Cake of Calea
You never went to Bacolod when you did not try any of Calea's Cake. It is the most famous pastry shop in Bacolod and is also known all over the country. Calea is almost synonymous to a Bacolod vacation. 

Let me say this straight, white Cheesecake is to die for! Topped with grated cheese with strawberry filling at the side, this cake is one of the best that I have tried. Its a complete Bacolod experience when you tasted Calea's white cheesecake. I almost wanted to bring it back home but the bulkiness of the box prevented me to do so.  

Aside from the White Cheesecake, we also ordered Chocolate Mud Pie and Chocolate Cake (for comparison purposes with Felicia's) and both are equally good. 

Chocolate Mud Pie is mouthwatering. The ice cream doesn't melt easily. I like how it is serve with peanuts on top.  

I love chocolate cakes like I love cheesecakes. Calea's Chocolate Cake is heavenly created for a mortal like me. Its texture perfectly penetrates my palate like I was falling in love. The bitterness of the chocolate and the sweetness of Bacolod in this cake is like sex in my tongue. 

My friend's initial judgement, because she reside in Bacolod, is that Felicia's Chocolate Cake is better than Calea's. After tasting Calea's Chocolate Cake that particular night, she stand corrected saying that Calea's is better than Felicia's in terms of Chocolate Cake. She remarks though that Calea's Chocolate Cake is inconsistent. 

Payment: Cash/Credit Card (?)
Location: 15th street Lacson st. Bacolod City 6100
Contact: (034) 435 8413

6. Cansi of Bacolod
Bacolod is famous for sweets but it also has another dish that is popular with the locals and is also a quick favorite for tourist. Cansi is an Ilongo version of bulalo that is sour and also has a sweet texture. The sour kick is made delicious by a local fruit called batuan. 

Cansi is abundant all over Bacolod City. My friend bought it in a restaurant along Lacson Ave. When you visit Bacolod, you should definely try cansi along with it's sweet delights. 

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