How to Get Upgraded To First Class on Delta

Once I needed to puzzle out the bonus program provided by Delta. Frankly speaking, I’m not a stupid person but a variety of text dedicated to this small issue made me speechless. The page on the official website of this prominent US air company is packed with such phrases as cabin eligibility, upgrade clearance priority, complimentary promotion etc. In addition, numerous conditions and peculiarities are also important to get the goal. Initially, the feeling to find a regular airfare on and calm down overcame me. Nevertheless, the readers need to know the truth to enjoy the possibility of traveling in the top class. Yet, the Delta’s first class does not correspond to the similar product on Emirates, Qatar, and miscellaneous airlines.

As follows from official intelligence, the class promotion is available for different types of members of the Medallion Complimentary Upgrade program. However, different membership level stipulates different terms. As an example, if your status is gold, you can get upgraded 72 hours before the flight. Top passengers with platinum and diamond status can use this option 5 days before the flight. Besides, the company thinks of its customers and provides the automated upgrade option that can be switched on/off via the personal account on the website or via the official mobile app.

And what about other customers who cannot boast of any of the said statuses? Certain passengers traveling with SkyMiles companion airlines can also benefit from this extra option. However, not all routes are subject to the mentioned conditions.

Now you know the essence of the class promotion with Delta. If you are still a bit confused, let’s organize a convenient step-by-step guide.

How Many Miles Do You Have?

Most customers do not even imagine that their account has an opportunity to convert thousands of miles into a pleasant bonus. On this account, you have to find out your status or require the number of covered miles. This can be done by phone. All you need is to know your booking number consisting of six digits. Ask the Delta’s agent about the possibility to get a bonus with your accumulated miles.

Perhaps, the idea of being upgraded came to your mind in the airport. The above-mentioned operation can be done at the company’s desk or on the self-check-in kiosk.

Meet the Advanced Class

In accordance with the received information, a passenger can either change the accumulated miles for the promotion to the next class or pay for it with its credit card. By the way, it is highly advised to use a specialized bonus card for this operation. If you do not have such card, it is time to get one.

Members with elite status can use the option at the very gate since the company automatically raises elite guests on the standby list. When stars are aligned to your favor, you will be invited to receive a boarding pass to the higher class.

The conclusion of the above-mentioned information is as follows: fly more with Delta and its companions, use a specialized card and you will definitely get the top class journey.

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