Ancestral Houses in Alaminos, Pangasinan

Alaminos City in Pangasinan is known as the gateway to the Hundred Island National Park. Sometimes, we bypass the city going to the beaches of Bolinao. Little that we know, this city in the eastern part of Pangasinan is also home to some of the Ancestral houses dating back from the Spanish Colonial Era. 

Cathedral of Saint Joseph (Poblacion)

Alaminos Town Proper

A few years ago, I had the assignment to map these old houses for preservation purposes. Before the site was given to me, I did not know that Alaminos has a number of Ancestral Houses in the main town. Maybe like you, I thought Alaminos is just another city in Pangasinan that happens to be the gateway of Hundred Islands National Park.  

Most of the ancestral houses are already passed down to the generation of the family. One has to have that creative imagination to see how glorious the house was during its time. Most of the houses are deteriorated.  

Some of the old houses are converted to commercial purposes. Merchandise on the ground floor while the second floor is being used as a multipurpose space.

For the longest time, we are confined that Alaminos is just the gateway to Hundred Island National Park. My visit proved that this place has its own history waiting to be written by its local people. 

 A little research about Alaminos, I read that the birthplace of CPP-NPA is Alaminos. 

Can you share a town that you didn't expect to have many ancestral houses?

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