LA UNION | Surfing, People and Food Culture in Elyu

Sun-kissed skin, salty breeze, young-vibe crowd, gastronomic pleasure and euphoric atmosphere among the folks enjoying each other's company or just enjoying the sunset... and the waves - these are the things your soul will experience once you decided to commune in elyu.

The sun was setting in a perfect sky, big orange ball of fire, its another day has passed and all the folks were looking towards the west. The sun was really the biggest star we can witness. No one ever gets tired of looking at it. It was the La Union sunset.

Surfing Culture and Human Attraction
For most surfing is the reason to be in Elyu. That's true. You can't escape the inviting waves saying hello to you. ...or at least try to play in the sand and water for a while. But places like The Food Project, Flotsam and Jetsam, Ol' Pub and Great Northwest Philippines Travel Stop and Viewing Deck will make you wanna live or at least stay for one more day in Elyu. Aside from the waves, the euphoric young vibe crowd will make you go back in Elyu.

Flotsam and Jetsam
If we have natural attractions such as mountains, rivers and white beaches, the crowd in Elyu gives you "human attractions" created by mostly millennials, artist, surfers, professionals and vacationers. The human element in Elyu is like a magnet for you to utter the words "I will come back" soon.

After my me time watching the sunset in Urbiztondo, I catch Kate Torralba at the Great Northwest Philippines Travel Stop and Viewing Deck stage. I didn't know her but I like her music. Later on, I found out that Kate Torralba is a designer from Cebu who shifted her career to pursue her passion in music.

I did surf in Elyu too and I was happy like a kiddo that I was able to stand for many times in my surfboard. I like the water but I am not athletic enough to continue surfing for more hours. Once is enough for my surfing story, lets have some more when I get back.

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Food Crawling 
La Union isn't just a surfing haven. Its becoming a gastronomic destination. Thanks to the influx of tourist, theme based restaurants and food park are everywhere in Elyu.

German Bistro
We stayed in P&M Final Option Resort for two nights. In this beach front resort, they welcomed us with a German draft beer just before lunch! Could you believe that, beer as a welcome drink? I am not into beer actually but I find this draft beer a special one. I like the sweet texture that landed on my tongue.

German Bistro's Draft Beer
The beer was paired by German sausage platter with cheese and all the meat heaven. I do know that cheese serves as an equalizer to alcohol but German sausage makes it a heavenly platter.

We also had a lunch German Bistro. They offer Filipino Food like sinigang, adobo rice and sea foods. But what caught us all is their version of crispy kangkong.

Unlike other version, German Bistro's crispy kangkong is not that greasy and it is really savory. Everyone in the table craved about the Kangkong.

Location: P&M Final Option Beach Resort, 320 Eagle Street, San Juan, La Union
Phone: (072) 888-2724
Facebook Page: P&M Final Option Beach Resort

The Food Project

This food park in San Fernando, La Union will make you travel the world with its diverse cuisines. You'll have Mexican, American, Japanese, Korean, Filipino and a lot more!

The Food Project will open on March 2018. But it had a soft opening last February so that locals and tourist will have a glimpse of this food haven.

This food park, unlike what we have here in Manila, never run out of nice spot that will either make you smile or automatically have a selfie with it... or maybe both! It wasn't just a food celebration, its also a feast in the eye. It was designed in such a way that every food crawler will see all the food stalls.

I had a hard time choosing my food. It took me about an hour to order - well that includes capturing the moments and vlogging.

I settled with Ribbed and The Shrimp Muscles both are American food. Yeah I am a meat slave and I love shrimp like they do in New Orleans.

The Ribbed is a feast for some. It can be shared by two but the whole plate is just enough for me. Why? The tenderness of the meat and the flavor of the sauce penetrates deep in my bones. How in the world can I resist that?

The Shrimp Muscles is my seafood delight. First of all, the smell of it called me like there was music in it. The food preparation is also too appetizing to resist. I got the butter garlic shrimp cause with 3 corn cuts on the side. 

Here are other delightful meals at the Food Project

Iced Coffee, Green Tea Latte and Spanish Bonbon

Elyu Poke Bowl
Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls

Grilled Liempo
Location: Brgy Lingsat, San Fernando, La Union
Facebook Page: The Food Project

Ol' Pub Restobar

With great appreciation of anything vintage and cool, Ol' Pub won't be just your "just another" hang out place or a place to eat, it will be a haven for you to reminisce the past that is or isn't your. It doesn't matter we call all have this shot and still enjoy a great food all day.

Grab a beer and sit the cool open air dining of Ol' Pub with your plate full of heavenly food dropped like a bomb! For starters, I suggest you get a Nachos or Spam Fried. On the healthier setting, I thing you'll love their Summer Salad.

Ol' Pub specialize in rice toppings such as Chicken Curry, Chicken Mushroom, Liempo, Adobo, Bistek Tagalog and Tuna Curry. They also have Bulgogi and Honey Glazed Roasted Chicken. For a long time Filipino favorite they have Sinigang which can serve up to four person. 

Sinigang :)

Location: Urbiztondo, San Juan La Union
Phone: 0929.532.2403
Facebook Page: Ol' Pub Restobar

Artek Wine Yatch

Wanna get crazy from morning till sun down? Or just wanna see the beautiful sunset while waiting for the performances at The Great Northwest Philippines Travel Stop and Viewing Deck stage? You will want it to spend in Artek Wine Yacht. It has the perfect view of all that I mentioned above. 

Artek Wine Yacht, at least with my experience, is where you celebrate the goodness of life through Wine and Tapas with your friends. Wine makes us all crazy for everything, it fuels our passion to say and do what we cannot do under normal state. 

It was our last night in elyu and Artek made that night worth remembering. We all had the good talks and laughter over wine and love until it gets to our veins and made us all dance. 

Artek Wine Yacht is co-owned by our friends from Europe and South America. They have brought us their music as well as their passionate dance in La Union. They have Salsa Night every Wednesday for those who wants to learn this South American art.   

Baked Bree
Location: The Great Northwest Philippines Travel Stop and Viewing Deck, San Juan
Urbiztondo, La Union, Philippines
Phone: 0917.772.1064
Facebook Page: Artek Wine Yatch

La union isn't just for surfers its for everyone who loves food, beach, sights and life. When you go to La Union be prepared to go back anytime sooner cause while  writing this, I am already looking at my calendar for my return. 

Vlog about La Union

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