BATANGAS | Monte Maria Shrine

Human beings immortalized God and their belief through structures that will remind them of their devotions. We need a shrine where we can worship and say our prayer to God. 

This is true for all religions, especially with Christianity. In the Philippines as one of the strongholds of the Catholic faith for centuries, a lot of structures were built for worship. These sites became pilgrimage sites and tourist destinations.
One of the newest pilgrimage sites is the Monte Maria, Mother of Asia in Batangas City. The 63 meters tall image of Mary standing in a 25 meters stadium is a towering testament to Filipino faith and devotion to Christianity.

As both pilgrimage and tourism destinations, folks going to Monte Maria will enjoy the sceneries for selfie purposes. Nature treats people with fresh air and a cool sea breeze. 

Overlooking from Monte Maria is the Verde Passage and Verde Island. This is one of the most pictures backgrounds to those who take pictures.

People come into the bill as a family, friends, and even motorcycle group. With the proximity of Lobo and Laiya to this pilgrimage site, Monte Maria will soon become a stopover to those going for their beach holiday. 

As of writing, Monte Maria is still in its development stage. Monte Maria sits on the 22 hectares residential development overlooking Verde Passage. Soon there will be a hotel, condotel, and subdivisions around Monte Maria.

Regular Masses are held in Monte Maria on Fridays, Saturday's and Sundays.

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How to Go to Monte Maria Shrine
  • Take a bus bound to Batangas City Grand Terminal
  • From Grand Terminal, take a jeep bound to Lobo, Batangas that will pass by Monte Maria Shrine. Tell the driver to drop you there.
  • You will see the statue from the gate/entrance but you need to hire a tricycle or walk into the hill where it is standing.
Tips before Going to Monte Maria Shrine
  • It is best to bring or hire your own car to Monte Maria Shrine
  • The best time to go is in the afternoon for sunset. The image will be against the light when you go there in the morning

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