Chill and Eat in La Union

La Union has been a hot spot for surfers and non-surfers. Once a sleepy town in the Ilocos Region, La Union has become a favorite backpacking and tour destination for this generation’s itchy feet. 

If you want to chill and skip surfing, there are tons of things you can do in La Union. From farms, food trips, religious landmarks, arts to historical sites, all of them are in La Union.

In the town of Bauang, just 20-30 minutes from San Fernando, you can visit a grape farm and do a “pick and pay” for Php350 per kilo. These farms are visible from the highway and a lot of locals will wave at you to offer you a tour.

If Php350 seems very expensive, you and your friends can share the price so that both of you can pick. Just for the experience. 

Entrance Fee: None

Some farms do ask for an entrance fee but some do not. Better ask the locals if a particular farm does charge an entrance fee before you proceed.

Eat Iloko de Halo-Halo
Just right with the weather glass of halo-halo is a heavenly treat. For Php99 per glass, you can have Iloko de Halo Halo just for you. 

Meal Price: Php100 to Php200

Meditate in Macho Temple
Even if you are not Chinese or do not practice Taoism, you can surely find serenity in Macho Temple. This temple has similarities to the temple I have seen in Hong Kong. 

The temple is in high elevation thus it is also a good vantage point to see the ocean and San Fernando City proper.

Entrance Fee: Free

Appreciate Art in Stonehand
Just beside the famous "Bahay na Bato" of La Union, Stonehand is an art gallery that houses stone sculptures and paintings. 

Here's you'll enjoy different artworks and sculptures from local artists. 

Entrance Fee: Php30

Have a Selfie in Watch Tower
Bantayan is a nice spot to appreciate the past, and to have pictures! Sadly, this place doesn’t have any information that can tell its visitors the story behind the brick walls of this watchtower. 

Bantayan is a good place to rest and feel the sea breeze. 

Entrance: None

Play in Pebble Beach
Take a perfect shot with the crashing waves and the pebble rock. Surely, you don’t want to swim at the pebble beach but it is good enough as it is. 

Entrance Fee: None

Drink Coffee in El Union
A cold coffee under the intense heat of Northern Luzon is just perfect. El Union Coffee is a perfect place to get that energy before you grab that surfboard or just hang out on the beach to catch the sunset. 

Ave Coffee Price: Php150

Surf or Chill in San Juan Beach
What best to do in a surfing town? Surf and chill after! 

BONUS Attraction in La Union is its capital's night market where you can get authentic empanada for a very affordable and reasonable price.

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