Places to Visit in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand is one of the largest city with a lot of tourist attractions. It is 3 hours away from Chiang Mai and 14 hours from Bangkok. It is known for various temples, with different colors, and other tourist attractions. A day tour is enough to visit the top spots in Chiang Rai. Here are the sites you can visit during your day tour in Chiang Rai.

The White Temple or Wat Rong Khun - 
Contemporary Buddhist temple drawing massive crowds with its unique and intricate white exterior. This temple was built in 1998. Its white exterior is enough to draw your attention and be mesmerized by the structure. Looking closer, its intricate details will tell you that the temple is not just a temple but also a massive works of art.

Prayer sheets in the White Temple

Activity - Sightseeing. Prayer.
Fee - THB50.00

Clock Tower Chiang Rai - Located in Central Chiang Mai, you cannot fail to notice this golden structure in the busy roundabouts. 

Activity - Sightseeing
Fee - Free
Singha Park and Tea Plantation - Scenic park in a farmlike setting with tea plantations, orchards, trails, a tram, and a petting zoo.

Activity - Sightseeing. 
Fee - Free
Wat Rong Seur Ten (Blue Temple) - Monumental, modern Buddhist temple distinguished by its vivid blue coloring and elaborate carvings.

 Activity - Sightseeing. Prayer.
Fee - Free
Baandam Museum (Black Temple) - A collection of wood buildings featuring works by Thawan Duchanee and other contemporary Thai artists.

Activity - Sightseeing.
Fee - THB70.00
How to Tour Chaing Rai

The most practical way to tour Chiang Rai is through bus hopping from one spot to another. From Chiang Mai, 3 hours away from Chiang Rai, there are plenty of buses going plying the route. But if you are in a large group, it is better to hire a car from Chiang Mai. We paid THB1500 for a day tour using Toyota Innova car - capacity is 7pax comfortably. We were six in the group. You may ask your hotel to help you hire a guide/driver. 

More Pictures

When you travel from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai, a scenic ride will entertain you all the way. I planned to sleep during the travel time, but I opted not to when I saw the countryside view of Thailand.

Students on a field trip making a stop and enjoying the hot sulfuric water to ease the cold weather.

Smoke from the sulfuric well in one of the stops going to Chiang Rai

Truing to dip my foot in the sulfuric water.

Along the scenic route is this giant statue

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