Stories from Kuala Lumpur Airport to my Hostel, and Human Kindness at 3 O'clock

I’ve been to Kuala Lumpur four times already. Most of it was just a quick layover or a quick side trip from another country. It was this last solo trip of mine, my so-called Bachelors Trip, that I spent a lot of time in this Malaysian capital city. My story in Kuala Lumpur was full of beautiful narratives that needed to be told.

The trip was meant for me to enjoy the beauty of the road for the last time before I walk on the aisle. Exciting times for me knowing the fact that my life will change in 2020 ~ this is the reason I needed to travel solo for one last time as a single.

Travel made me the person that I am today. Without my love affair on the road - all those lost moments, spontaneous parties with strangers, and all-nighter talks with my roommates from around the globe - I would not be the person I am today. It made my horizon wide and diverse.

In this solo travel, I had to go back to where I found myself first to say thank you to the universe and once again encounter the spirit and joy in solo traveling. Human kindness and allowing myself to be carried by the wind of cultural awareness were the most common themes of my solo travels - hopefully, I will encounter them again.

At Peace in KLIA 2
I intentionally choose a red-eye flight from Manila to Kuala Lumpur to maximize my vacation leave. Meaning to say I had to work in the morning then proceed with my adventure at the night. 

It was 1 o'clock in the morning when we landed at the airport and I am not sure how will I go to my hotel from the airport. I just felt that there were energies guiding me and urging me not to worry.

I queued in the immigration and I thought everything was familiar :) The last time I was in the KLIA 2 was way back in 2017 and for some reason, I got a smiling face at 1:30AM because of those memories. 

I checked my phone and realize that there is free wifi at the airport. I did a Grab mocked booking and it’s way too expensive. Never mind, for now, I still have one option.

All the standard immigration and baggage check was done and I proceed to the bus station. I saw a row of buses on the ground level of KLIA2. There was one bus going to KL Central that was about to depart and was waiting for one passenger - me.

The RM12 bus ride was comfortable and smooth. It took us 40 to 60 minutes to reach KL Central which is the main transportation hub in Kuala Lumpur.

It was dark when I went down the bus. I just followed people and found my way out. I saw a taxi and instinct told me to just hire one to cap off the night in my hostel. I gave the address to the elderly driver and trusted him that he will drop me in front of the hostel - he did not.

Wanderings at 3 O'clock
He dropped me somewhere in Chinatown with my luggage and bag. I was fine, I know I can find my way. I asked around for the hostel - Space Hostel - but people, locals do not know it. It had to be near.

Without WiFi, I check all the hostels in the alley where I was dropped. I crossed the street for another alley and found people to ask - again they do not know. In my head, will I sleep on the road? Nah! I keep on walking until I found the famous Petaling Street with no vendors. There was a convenience store open and I tried my luck to asked if they know the hostel. Even if I showed my booking confirmation with the address, they still can’t figure out where it is located.

Petaling Street

Then a bright idea came to me. I ask for WiFi but the convenience store doesn’t have it. Then Indian-looking staff at the store started to see my agony, he offered his internet data to me. With the internet, I was able to quickly locate the hostel in Google Maps. I showed it to the staff and he pointed me to where should I go.

Human kindness at 3 o'clock. 

In my travels, I learn to have peace and trust that all will be well. As long as I know where I should go, I can find a way to get there with the help of people around me. It’s my purpose to be there and if it’s nature’s will - I will get there. Don’t be afraid to ask. Don’t be afraid to trust. I believe in kindness in everyone’s heart in its purest form. People will help you just try to ask. Don't be afraid if you are lost. 

Blessed is the man that trust in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is - Jeremiah 17:7 

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