Hello Blog, I Miss You

This pandemic has gotten us all. Whether infected or not, the virus made our 2020 a memorable one with a chance to extend up to 2021. For me, the pandemic shattered my travel plans thus this blog has been silent for months - I'm so sorry.

I was browsing my Google Photos, it tells me that my last getaway with friends was last 2019! I'm sure I'm not alone. That was the work of this pandemic in all of us. We stopped as if the world has to pause to contemplate how it works and how it treats its environment.

But that was not the case for me.  

A lot has happened in my life this year. I've stayed most of the time at home. Yes. But unlike other people, I had to go out and arrange the one event that will forever change my life. 

When I said, a lot - it transcended from professional to personal and even mental state of mind. 

Professionally, my role expanded from being an individual contributor to being a team lead. This is something I am thriving on until now. You can never be ready until you tried handling people. No amount of training can really teach you how to handle people. People are unique. They have different temperaments which you have to face during your one-on-one. 

I am not sure how am I doing. All I know is, I care for their progress and growth.

While all the transitions from being an individual contributor to being a team lead, all the anxiety attacks of how COVID-19 might affect us, in the long run, got into my veins. I even thought that our company might lay off workers and I might lose my work because of COVID-19. One night I could not sleep because I was thinking that this is a war perpetrated by China and COVID-19 is their weapon to cripple the West to further strengthen their economic standing. I reached that far and I was so afraid. 

There were nights that I could not sleep because of this. But the demand of my job made all the anxiety fade away. One factor was my friends whom I can talk to about all these inside struggles. It really pays that you have true and sensible friends that you could express your feelings without judgment.

Then after that, I had to face the fact that there is something big happening in my life and I have to prepare for it - our wedding.

Yes, I got married this year to my now beautiful wife. 

Our wedding was postponed twice because of the pandemic. We had challenges in our documentary requirements because of limited personnel in our church and government offices. Despite all the hiccups we finally walk down the aisle on an intimate afternoon last August. 

With all my anxiety about the pandemic, it is actually a blessing in disguise. We were able to downsize our wedding and cut the cost. We were able to save more than 50% of our total wedding budget because we had to make it intimate - which what I wanted in the first place.

All the savings are diverted to the home improvement projects. Our supposedly long honeymoon in the southeast area was halted and all the budget for that was also used in the home improvements. 

There are good things happening despite the overall negativity this pandemic caused the world. This is leading me to think that this is God's way of correcting how we operate. If you could recall what he did in the book of Genesis during Noah's time.

Another winning note is we were able to have a small group in our church that takes care of our spiritual growth. Lana, my wife, also joins that group which is a big leap!

This might be cleansing!

I'm beginning to get the momentum to write again, my dear blog. It might not be purely about my travel - the travel as we know it. This might be the next chapter for us, writing about my journey in life, our journey in life.  

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