Beach in Cavite | Ternate Beach Resort | Budget + Guide 2021

It has been more than 1 year when we last enjoyed the beach. 

Who would not be excited to dip his feet in the sand and smell the sea breeze during this time of pandemic where most of us are confined inside our homes? Good thing we live 3 towns away from Ternate where the beach is much bearable and clean compared to other beaches in Cavite. 

For a max of 2 hours, you will reach Ternate Beach Resort from Metro Manila.

I felt freedom when my foot touched the seawater

Ternate Beach Resort has gray sand and suitable infrastructure for you to enjoy a quick beach getaway. It has day cottages and overnight cottages for your beach bumming needs. It also has showers that use deep well water for you to rinse the salt and sand in your body. 

You can also pitch a tent if you like the outdoor accommodation type.   

How to go to Ternate Beach Resort

  1. From Metro Manila, take a bus or jeep going to PITX.
  2. Take a bus from PITX to Ternate (Php70.00)
  3. In Ternate take a tricycle to Ternate Beach Resort (Php10.00

  • It would be better if you go there as a group Max of 10 because renting a cottage is required (aside from the entrance fee) and the cheapest cottage cost Php800.00. So invite your friends! 
  • The resort has a partner restaurant that delivers cooked meals. The delivery fee is Php100. 
  • Better to buy food before you proceed to the resort because there are none to limited stores nearby. There is a convenience store at the highway intersection before entering the road going to the resort. Buy all your stuff there! 
  • If you can, try to avoid weekends or holidays attached to weekends. The resort can be very crowded. Crowded, meaning a Feast of Nazarene kind of crowded. 

Php800 cottage

Note that as of writing 14 years old below and 66 years old above are not allowed in the resort.

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