Riverfront Garden Resort + Quick Day in Maragondon Cavite

Probably you won't think of Maragondon, Cavite as your destination since it's just another town you pass by on your way to Nasugbu or the jump-off when you climb Mt. Pico de Loro. But you are here anyway searching for things to do and see in Maragondon. The historic town of Maragondon, Cavite. 

Before we start the list, it's must mention that Maragondon is the town where Andres Bonifacio together with his brother was sentenced to death via court-martial for rebellion. Yeah, rebellion against Emilio Aguinaldo's government - I'm sure you know the story. 

Maragondon is a sleepy town at the end of Cavite Province. It is a quaint town that has historical landmarks significant to our history. 

Here's are the places you can visit in Maragondon Cavite.

If you are attracted to old structures like me, I am sure you'll like downtown Maragondon where you can see an old church and dozens of old houses.

 Maragondon Church is 300 years old structures that have been passed on to different Christian denomination. When you visit the church, turn your attention to its detailed main door and have that piece of history with you. 

Just like other old towns, the church is surrounded by old houses. Some of them are repurposed and some are abandoned like forgotten.

The most notable of all houses is the Bahay Na Pinaglitisan Kay Andres Bonifacio

I felt pain when we went out of the museum. It seems that past problems are still our problems right now. 

Then few meters away from the house is the Maragondon Stone Carving or Inukit. This site is famous for pilgrimage since the carvings depict the last day of Jesus Christ on earth as a human.

Walking down south the Maragondon River is the picturesque Barangay Caingin where you can see a hanging bridge leading to the other bank of the river. This site is famous among bike enthusiasts going to Kaybiang Tunnel. Maragondon is usually their pitstop for picture taking and rest.

If you love old or ancestral houses, Maragondon has a lot! Some of the houses are abandoned while some serve as residents for the current owner. 

Riverfront Garden Resort

If you are looking for a place to stay in Maragondon, you can check out Riverfront Garden Resort. This resort is an off-the-grid place where you can relax and just enjoy nature. Don't get me wrong, you will have a phone signal and data network but the resort does not offer wifi. 

Glamping Accommodation

The resort boasts its natural ambiance and instagramable spots. The resort is beside Maragondon River - which by the way, one of the cleanest that I have seen - thus it gives you an infinity feel whenever you dip in one of their pool.

They have a restaurant that costs too much for a budget traveler but affordable enough for those who save for a vacation. You can bring food with a corkage fee. From what I know, you can bring cake without corkage.

How to go to Riverfront Garden Resort:

1. From PITX (Gate5) take a bus going to Ternate/Maragondon.
2. You will be dropped by the bus in front of the tricycle terminal wherein it says “To Riverfront” they will charge you Php150 one way. DO NOT TAKE THAT. 

Instead, take a tricycle to Maragondon Church. Beside the Church, there is a Barangay Hall/outpost. Walk towards it and you will find boats that will cross you at the other side of the River

3. Take the boat (less than 5Mins for Php5.00)
4. Once at the other side, take a tricycle to Riverfront Garden Resort (Php30.00)

Here are our expenses:

Accommodation: Php3,000
Food: Lunch (Php500), Dinner (Php390) Breakfast (Php195)
Transportation from Maragondon: Php80

You can watch my Vlog about Riverfront below:

Lolo Claro's Restaurant
After you check out in Riverfront of you just pass by Maragondon, you can dine-in at Lolo Claros' for a spoonful lunch. Their specialty is their fried chicken and pansit. 

But the sole reason why I am recommending this restaurant, aside from its good food, is because they are part of the community. Its as if you are having a piece of Maragondon when you dine-in at Lolo Claro's

Watch my Maragondon Vlog below:

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